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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Morning Stroll

We are in the beginnings of autumn and the fall colors are starting to happen.  Took myself for a walk this morning and breathed deep of the sea air and enjoyed the clear blue skies.


They all look fat and well fed this morning.

Robinson Crusoe perhaps...

Someone had made a cross and garlanded it with berries.

There's a little coffee hut that popped up about a year ago and it's grown in popularity.  They sometimes have a small camp fire burning outside where you can just sit and warm yourself with a cup of coffee.  I really like the atmosphere of the little place and the coffee is great.


Leaves are changing color and the breezes are swirling them around.

This wall of color is wonderful!

Beautiful beautiful colors...

My eyes could not get enough of the color...makes me want to do an autumnal painting or something.

Love the color blue mixed in with the riot of color!

The mountains are in hiding today behind low cloud cover. 

Some bright little petunias hanging in there... 

It's called a Monkey Tree...not sure where it got it's name, but it's an amazing specimen this one is!
On the way back....
Oh I see it, it smells divine...fresh ground coffee beans, c-o-f-f-e-e...

I'm a coffee zombie!!! Awhhhhh!

Too late, I'm walking in!!!!
 But hey, it's a made with skim milk so I don't feel bad about the bit of indulgence.

Hope you enjoyed my wee stroll this morning...I never tire of the view.
Until next time, MO

Free Crochet Patterns

Hi All
If you haven't done so, register with http://www.allfreecrochet.com, if you are interested.  Click on the links below and they should take you straight there.





Thought I would share a few freebies with you.  Enjoy...
Until next time, MO

Monday, October 7, 2013


Forgot to include these pictures in my Saskatchewan travels.  These are pix of my brother's Ford Mustang...his pride and joy. He wipes the dust off it every day and talks to it. hahaha!  He is also the president of a car club in Regina, and so the car is actually a hobby as well.  Enjoyed some rides while I was there.

Here is his 'stang

Among other things, my brother is also a photographer and so this picture he changed into a black and white.  It reflects the buildings from the street.  Good photo!
And here is his glorified 'stang, with some techno enhanced additions...would make a good advertisement for Ford I think.

The car will probably go into storage for the winter months...if he can stand to be away from it that is!  Boys and their toys!!!!  :)               Until next time, MO