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Hello Everyone and thank you for visiting! My name is MO and I live on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. This blog is to share with others my love of nature and homemade life like crochet, gardening, decorating, flowers, art, crafts, photos and perhaps the occasional recipe as well. Please drop by frequently and feel free to share. If you would like to send me an email, my address is murmursdfa@gmail.com

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello Everyone
What a different world out there since I last posted.  It has been snowing, big fat fluffy wet flakes sticking to everything.  It's a 'shade of gray' world...very monochromatic methinks.
Normally I'd be looking out over the water towards the light house...but today there is no world beyond the white border.
  The only bit of color out my window is the blue garbage bin.

 Funny little shrub under the snow...looks like some lil' creature...maybe a dragon???
  The woods behind us are very still and quiet.  Not even a peep out of the eagles either.

 A few wee birds flitting about in the underbrush looking for food.

 So quiet,  so still...everything is hushed.

  It is interesting all the abstract shapes.

 No matter how pretty it looks out there at this moment, I want it gone. I'm not a snow person.
So how about a little color !!!!
 I picked these up a couple of days ago before the snow fell and now they are bringing me such colorful joy on a gray day.


Hello lil' tulip...you make my heart smile! 
  Until next time, MO

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today`s Walkabout Feb 12, 2014

Hello Everyone
Took myself walkabout this morning.  We had a huge wind and rain storm blow through here last night, but this morning was bright and sun-shiny.  Best get out there while it's still nice out as expecting another weather front to come barging in by this evening.

You may recognize this site...it is home to the wood carvings in July 2013.  All carvings were donated, auctioned and/or sold.  You can see them here and there in town as you drive about, as well as carvings from previous years.  Today tho', it was a quiet, refreshing and relaxing area to take pause.


Always lots of folks walking the Seawalk each and every day.  I never tire of the view.

Got back home and it was time for lunch...a pot of home made soup and some fresh sourdough buns.
It was yum, yum, yummy!   Until next time, MO

Hi, I'm Back!

Sorry to all that visit me in blogland...I've been missing.  Sometimes life gets busy...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  January was well, January...getting over the Cmas buzz, settling in to wait out the month.  I don't ever like January very much as when Cmas is over, I'm ready for spring, but alas, nature doesn't see it my way.  Late January and early February brought us some cold weather here on Vancouver Island.  Temperatures in the minus....like -10! Yikes!!!  To folks living in temperatures of -40 and such, I know I must sound like a wuss. :)  But it is not our typical winter.  Birds didn't know what to make of it.  A couple of swans got stuck, as in frozen to the water, about two weeks ago.  A fellow took his kayak, went over the ice, and freed the birds. 

Here are some photos from our outing early last week.  Hubby and I managed to get some time where we could actually go out together, at the same time!  Found a really fabulous gal to spell us off with Front Desk.
Eagles in our trees making all sorts of noisy comments as we drove away.
Stopped for lunch at Salmon Point Resort and enjoyed the fireside.  Then went walk-about the property there and enjoyed the warm spring-like sun and clear skies.
Come summer time, their patio is a great place to spend some time. 
 Salmon Point is also home to a small marina and a RV park. 


Calm waters this day. 
Across Discovery Passage is the mill town of Powell River.  A cloud bank hides the mountains.
Later in the day the clouds disappeared and the Rockies are back in view.
Some wintery growth supplies a big of color... 

I luv big old trees, and old fences... 
Our leisurely drive home was under blue skies. 

One more picture before we go inside.  It`s been a very nice relaxing day off.  All the fresh air today will make for a good night`s sleep methinks.

Until next time, MO