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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Walkies 2 On the sunny side...

So out of the woods and into the sunshine.  Decided to walk on the beach instead of the walkway.  The sun was really warm and had me shedding my jacket pretty quick.  Big temperature difference between the woods and the seaside.

I love the smell of the salty sea and seaweed.
Another calm sea.  I will have to remember these times when winter comes.
Ducks were active today...making duck noises.
You can see the Quadra Island Ferry in the distance...about a 20 minute trip.
I wonder what sized wave threw this up on the beach.
Bird tracks...almost looks like the markings of an ancient language. :)
Like yeah, I take pictures of bird tracks on the sand.
I saw a couple of seals swim by, but they ducked their little heads so no picture for me.  I really do need a new 35mm digital camera with a telephoto/zoom lens.  It's on my wish list. :)
Now this is really GREEN algae covering the rocks.  So bright in the sunshine.
And the ducks were busy feeding.
Now, somebody tell me what this slimy rubbery thing is.  It's about the size of a turkey platter and really gross.  I've seen jelly fish before, but this didn't really look like that.
Interesting carving on a log...guess someone wanted to leave a footprint of his/her passing. 
There's that funny mountain top...looks like the top of a Stetson hat.  I will have to get a map or chart of all the mountain peaks I see.  I'm sure they all have names.

Cormorant enjoying the sunshine too as he dries his wings after diving for fishes.

So I had a very enjoyable walkabout this morning, but had to get back to work before they called out the brigades that I went missing.  sigh.....   Until next time, MO

Walkies 1

Took meself on a walk this morning.  A beautiful sunny fall day, but forcast is for rain tomorrow so best enjoy the star shine while I can.  So come with me on a wee walk on a trail near by.  It was really chilly in the woods, good thing I wore the right jacket and headband (ear warmers).

Interesting little clump of 'shrooms.

 While everything is turning into fall earth tones, the ferns are all getting greener.

I did bring a whistle with me in case of bear or cougar...it will either scare them off or make them mad. :)  Talking with a friend yesterday who was kayaking on the river and she came around a bend to find a really large bear eating freshly caught salmon.  There were two cubs on shore, and so she was a bit nervous. But the bear just looked at her and went back to eating the salmon.


Oops, can see civilization through the trees so I think I'll veer off to the right.

These leaves are huge, the size of a dinner plate.

Hey, the sun is shinning up there so maybe I should get out of the woods and take in some warm rays.
Let's go over to the sunny side of the things...Until next time, MO