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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Outing

Hello Everyone!
Hubby and I went out for Saturday Brunch today to a local little place just minutes north of town called Dolphins Resort.  We had heard that it had really good breakfasts and that it was reasonably priced.  And they were right...very good food, comparable pricing, and very nice atmosphere.  The restaurant is located on a hill facing east towards the water.  Nice grounds, cute cabins with private hot tubs on the decks, quiet woods.  So I took a few pix to share with you.  Firstly there is this short pathway from the upper parker lot.

Flowerbeds are all cleaned up, just the local winter greenery left.

Here is the restaurant at the Dolphins Resort called 'The Anglers' Dining Room'.

There is always a wood carving of a salmon in these parts.
These are side views of the restaurant.  Must be a nice setting in the summertime for lunch or dinner. Will definitely check this place out during the different seasons & a great place to take our visitors.

So after feasting we did a walkabout the grounds.  Very nice spot. 

I love hydrangea...even in the fall they can hold a bit of color.

The view is beautiful and it was such a still, windless morning.

Hot tubs on the cabin decks. 

Luv this cabin...moss on the roof and all.


We came around back to the restaurant and this time there was a 'greeter' on the front step.

I luv labs.  There is something so calm & sturdy about this fella...all is 'safe' under his watchful care.

Yes, leaves have been falling rapidly this week with the winds pulling at them.
Very nice outing this morning, we enjoyed the peacefulness...away from the hectic demands of motel management.   Until next time, MO

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