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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This post today is to let my prairie friends & family know that, "no, we don't have snow".  Living on the Pacific Northwest Coast has it's perks.  Last here we didn't even see snow at all and hopefully that is the same for this winter.  Snow is pretty, but I don't want any, thank you very much. LOL  So here's a few pictures from my morning outing.  The mountain tops have fresh new pristine snow and they are brilliantly white in the sunshine.  So even tho' it is sunny, we're need to dress warmly if taking a seaside walk.
Most of you will recognize that this is the scene out my front window. 
  I'm driving north into town...
 Ferry coming across Discovery Passage from Quadra Island...it's a short 20-30 minute trip across the water.
So a pleasant day out there even tho' it's chilly.  Need a hat and gloves today. I bought a new bright red and lined rain jacket for the winter.  I crocheted a simple scarf from chunky yarn using the V stitch.  It is very warm and snuggly and soft.
 I luv the colors of this yarn...I'm sure Lucy would approve. LOL
Until next time...keep warm folks...MO

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