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Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hello Everyone
I've been absent for a bit and some days I just don't know where times goes!

I made this sourdough bread from a starter batch.  I've never used a starter before, so something new to try.  Used a sourdough starter from http://culturedfoodconnection.com/.  (This is a new business venture for two long-standing friends.)  It grew very quickly and I fed and kept it warm every day. 


For my first batch of sourdough bread I just used plain everyday flour.

Fresh crusty sourdough...O Yum!!!!

Then I thought let's try a different take on bread. I used the sourdough starter for Focaccia bread with basil and oregano.

Next time I make focaccia I will add sun-dried tomatoes. The sourdough starter is now resting in my fridge.  Next I'm going to use rye flour.

Made a blueberry pie/torte (not sourdough). Some pretty tasty pie, warm with vanilla ice cream!
I have some crochet to share with you...until next time, MO

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