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Hello Everyone and thank you for visiting! My name is MO and I live on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. This blog is to share with others my love of nature and homemade life like crochet, gardening, decorating, flowers, art, crafts, photos and perhaps the occasional recipe as well. Please drop by frequently and feel free to share. If you would like to send me an email, my address is murmursdfa@gmail.com

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello Everyone
What a different world out there since I last posted.  It has been snowing, big fat fluffy wet flakes sticking to everything.  It's a 'shade of gray' world...very monochromatic methinks.
Normally I'd be looking out over the water towards the light house...but today there is no world beyond the white border.
  The only bit of color out my window is the blue garbage bin.

 Funny little shrub under the snow...looks like some lil' creature...maybe a dragon???
  The woods behind us are very still and quiet.  Not even a peep out of the eagles either.

 A few wee birds flitting about in the underbrush looking for food.

 So quiet,  so still...everything is hushed.

  It is interesting all the abstract shapes.

 No matter how pretty it looks out there at this moment, I want it gone. I'm not a snow person.
So how about a little color !!!!
 I picked these up a couple of days ago before the snow fell and now they are bringing me such colorful joy on a gray day.


Hello lil' tulip...you make my heart smile! 
  Until next time, MO