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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hello Everyone
December has brought some snow and minus temperature to Vancouver Island, but thankfully this weather was short-lived!  Temps in the minus are not normal and we are supposed to have a green Christmas.  Altho' snow is pretty when it first falls, it`s not what I want my winter to look like!


 Pretty dismal until the sun turned up.


  My patio area...hard to believe we had a cozy campfire out on the patio a few weeks ago.


Happy to report that all snow is gone and the temperatures have gone back to our normal. 

Interesting cloud formations today.
Made some sourdough cranberry buns today... Very yummy, especially when still warm!
Also started a batch of  Kombucha Tea using English Breakfast Tea. I have to wait 30 days, which is a lesson in patience for me.  So wish me luck on this one!
Going to try some other cultured foods as well.  I have starter kits for yogurt, buttermilk & sour cream to try.  I've been using the sourdough culture and it makes very tasty breads indeed.
Until next time, MO


  1. Such a beautiful sight but difficult to live with so much snow. Excellent photography and these sourdough cranberry buns look delicious!

  2. The buns were a hit. Snow was gone the next day or two and so we were back to our rainforest winter. Nothing smells better then a wet forest of cedar, pine and moss!