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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cmas Baking & Goodie Making

Got my Christmas goodies done today.
Made some truffles with both milk chocolate and dark chocolate....ask me if my house doesn't smell like a chocolate factory!?! 
 Dipped some pretzels in melted chocolate...how much easier does it get! 
 More truffles...this time with chocolate sprinkles on top.
The lighter colored truffles are flavored with orange.
Now to the baking part.  I made these chocolate cookies...bite sized they are,
made some shortbread trees and some gingerbread people.
 These little trees are so cute.
 These are ginger cookies--more for the adult taste buds. :)
 These are a sugar cookies with broken candy canes mixed in.
  The dark cookies are molasses cookies.
 Aren't they pretty!  Just make your favorite sugar cookie and add chopped candy cane.
More shortbread in assorted shapes. 
   Gingerbread people with silver dragees
 and others with white chocolate chips.
 And a hearty chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with coconut and almonds.
 And here are all the prepared tins waiting to be filled up.
The filling up of the tins.  Made me realize how much work happened in the kitchen this last week.  Enjoyed filling up the goodie tins and hopefully the receivers of the gift will love the tasty treats.

 All filled up to the brim.
 They are all so pretty and festive.  And these are the last of the tins I had in my collection. Now I have free cupboard space....WuuuuHuuuu!!

Made some Rainbow Delights for the kids I know...always a hit!
Did up a special package for a friend.  She is a collector of snowmen, so I filled this snowman box with goodies.  Also put a bit of fruit of the vine in a snowman wine bottle container.
Crocheted up some tea light candle flowers to add to my gifting.
Going to make a bunch of these tea light cozies for our patio table for the summer.
   So now I spread these goodies around, which I will do these next few days.
Until next time, MO


  1. If I send you some tins, will you add my name to your list for next year?! Just kidding, but these sure look yummy!

  2. Thx for your comment...sure bring me a tin and I'll see what I can do. :) They were so fun to put together and watching peoples faces when they open their tin made my heart happy. MO

  3. Wow. What an inspiration. Makes me want to start baking. Thanks for sharing.