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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hi There
Out running errands today, but became waylaid from time to time with the scenic landscapes.  I never tire of the visual 'gifts' I receive on a daily basis.  Sometimes I'm driving along on my way to do some grocery shopping and !!! I just have to stop and take it in!  Me and my lil' pocket camera.
Anyways, there were diamonds on the water this morning. 
Pretty calm waters earlier as well.
Mountains on the mainland are fairly visible today.
 There is always activity on the water.  This waterway between where we live on Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia is called Discovery Passage.
   Cape Mudge Lighthouse on Quadra Island.  I seem to take a photo of this often...with clouds coming and going, or sun one moment and not the next, the 'feel' of the scene changes.

Oops, must pay attention to what is at my feet.  :)
 So I take pictures of grass!!!   But there is a little pink fleur there as well.  :)

 Then on the way back from shopping and doing errands I came home via a different route and there was this totally cool sail boat out there. 
Finally caught up with the sail boat, somewhat...
    That is Cape Mudge Lighthouse on Quadra Island that you see in the background.
Wouldn't that be totally cool to go sailing!!!
Later I found out that there were quite a few sailboats out on the water...a yearly yacht race...boats sailing right around Vancouver Island.
  Interesting that would be and quite the trip!
Happy Sailing, until next time, MO

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