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Friday, June 14, 2013

Backyard Visitors

Sun was shining so thought I'd work out on the patio...there is soooooooooo much to do out there!  Today I painted both sides of the gate and fence in my patio area...took me all day.
Ratty looking fence....
And here it is all painted on the inside...so fresh and clean.  Now I need to decorate with a few hanging plants, etc.  It`s actually a very light gray, but seems to look so much darker on my photo.
Here are a few of the potted petunias that the deer haven't eaten yet.  I want to repot them into hanging pots for the fence.

These little purple ones were munched, but they are recouping well. Hopefully they will last long enough for me to get them all into the hanging baskets!
Here are two pots I`ve done up with geraniums to sit on the outside of my gate (facing the street).  Also planted some dwarf dusty miller to fill in the spaces in the pots.  Now it`s just up to the sunshine to make everything grow.
 Love the variegated leafs on this one.
And I did have visitors when I was painting the fence.  I turned around to see these just checking out if I had anything they could have for lunch...those lil beggars! 
Here she is standing right where our fence is going to be.  It`s like ``Oops, you caught me!``
Here are her 2 other buddies.  We have a wall of blackberry bushes at the back and they nibble on these before disappearing into the woods. 

 This one has small velvety horns.  I've heard that female deer can have horns as well, so don`t know if this one`s a she or a he.
 Not very concerned about me taking pictures.
  Keeping an eye on me tho`.

 I had to clap my hands, stomp my feet, wave my arms like a crazy woman before they would even pay attention.  It`s nice to have nature so close, but I really don`t want them to be comfortable around me.
 Until next time, MO


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  1. Your pictures are wonderful and to have nature right in your backyard is really lovely. Hard work painting fences, but you will enjoy it so much when all is said and done. MH