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Monday, June 10, 2013

Morning Walkabout in the Green

I didn't have any plans for the day. Went to check on my garden and almost didn't notice this little guy until he moved his head, so I snuck back into the house and grabbed my camera.  One of the little culprits that loves to nibble on anything I plant.  They don't seem to like herbs tho'.  I planted some dill, oregano, parsley and sage yet they don't seem to be attracted to them.  But the little beggars did eat my hosta to the ground & ate all the new blooms on my white, pink and purple petunias which are still in the pots I bought them in, waiting to be planted!  Methinks I need to change my plans for the patio plantings.
I like these little shrubs with all the new green shoots reaching for the sun.  Do you like my hummingbird garden ornament?
These spring greens are so luxurious and in the background the last of the white lilac.
I don't know what these little blue flowers are called, but they are now fading into a light blue.
 These leaves below look like they are made of green leather.
Went for a short walkabout in the woods today.

I love the smell of the forest, I inhale deeply.  The busy activity of the day is left behind for a short time.

    Can't get much more of a green atmosphere than this.

Saw these rhodos and just had to snap one more picture.  I think this must be the end of the rhododendrons for the season...spectacular color is it not!!!!
Until next time, MO

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  1. The mauve/pink flowers are gorgeous! Yes, can almost smell the forest.