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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring garden surprises

Pleasantly surprised on the first 2weeks of May at what is blooming in the backyard.  We have not lived at this address during all seasons as yet, so these springtime colors were a nice surprise! 
I even like the little fluff balls from the dandelion...  
And this little shrub with pale pinky/mauvey blossoms. And out front we also have a large tree of white lilacs.

The scent is quite different from the mauve/purple lilacs.
 And brought a small bouquet into the office today.  After awhile the scent was a bit much to handle in a confined space, so had to take them outside for a bit. whew!!!
 It was a bit breezy this morning and couldn't get this little columbine to stay still... so my pic  seems a little blurry I think, or maybe it's my eyes. :)

Managed to get a picture of the cherry blossoms before the winds caused a big pink snow fall. These always bring spring cheer to my heart and I restrained myself from taking 2 dozen photos of them.

Now  if we could just have the sun return instead of it being soggy and dark out there, well then I could work in my garden.

Until next time, MO