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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crochet & Yarny Stuff

I must confess that I LUV everything about crochet!  I crochet all year round.  In the winter I get involved in big projects like blankets, with smaller crochet items in-between for a change.  This last winter I did 2 blankets.  I love the granny square...small squares, large squares, solid colors, multi-colored, and so forth.  Here is one I did this winter with the larger squares.  I fussed and mussed about, moving squares around, looking for a pleasing combination. I could have gone on for a long period of time doing this...

 But, after awhile it was "crochet them together already yet!"
 And Ta-Dah, as we say in the crochet world when we've finished a project, here it is! And much larger than I expected after I got the turquoise colored border all around it too!

Very nice to have it done.  When my little grand-niece of 6 visited, she snuggled up on the floor with it to watch TV.  Methinks she left a little love in it after she flew home.
And for her head a crochet covered pillow, of course.
 Done in the ripple stitch.  I think they call this type of pattern Chevron. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo8q5A7VvSY 
  I had done a few other pillows to decorate her bed while she stayed here.  You see, she is 6 years old, but this was the first time we have met face to face.  What a precious little girl!
And I couldn't just let her sleep in an undecorated bed.

 The little owl pillow was a hoot to crochet!  There are several patterns online, but I can't remember where I found this particular one.

Okay, back to blankets.....here is the second one I did this winter....just a plain stripped double crochet pattern.  I still have the ends to sew in, but that will be a labour of love later on. :)
 Okay...this is a pattern from a number of years ago. This is a LARGE blanket that took me a few winters to complete...it turned into 'psycho' blanket...just image the sound track from the shower scene in Hitchcock's thriller "Psycho"!

 Then I found this little potted  plant and loved the color of the pot!

I made the cover for my stool and it turned out ever so comfy, too.  The layered pattern has so many possibilities...endless combination of colors and layers.
 I bought this flowers for the office, but just had to add some hooki-ness to it with some little purple hearts.

These little hearts are so fun and quick to crochet.  Check out how to here: http://cornflowerbluestudio.blogspot.ca/2012/01/how-to-crochet-heart-photo-tutorial.html
 Also had to add some to the bouquet in the bathroom.
 I always have my eye on other projects while I'm working on one...what can I say, I'm a multi-tasker...and I always seem to have a few creative ideas floating around in my brain at all times.  I love this particular blog http://fiberflux.blogspot.ca and have done several of her patterns.
Will share more crochet escapades later, talk to you soon, MO

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