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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fog has Lifted!

Hello World...I know you are out there!  I don't remember a time that we have been so locked in by fog!  But that is just because we live right by the water...2-3 blocks up the hill they have sunshine.  It's like two different worlds.  But the sun managed to burn off the fog today, so took myself for a wee walk.

My 'out the front door' scene is back and I never tire of it. Have not seen it in about a week because of low lying fog.

Methinks there are a couple of paintings that I should do. No excuse for not painting as the inspiration is right in front of me every day, that is when the fog isn't there. :)

Everyone in town I think refers to this as the 'big rock'.

Didn't I see this guy the other day in the fog?  Looks like him. :)

 Someone planted a carving here by the pathway.

I like the 'silvery' look of these shrubs, now that the leaves have fallen.

Kind of a strangely painted rock for these parts of the country.  Cactus and sombrero time?

These two dudes are always on the look out gazing at the watery passage.

I call this the 'popcorn' bush, because from a distance it does look like popcorn!

Heading back from my morning walk...

Hubby and I took a walk the other evening and came across some serious fisherman in a canoe.  Actually the fish were jumping right out of the water...literally tail and all out of the water!

An even more serious one in hip waders.  The guy must be wearing all his woollies!


Now, doesn't this beg to be painted or what!?

And so it goes, hopefully the sun will burn bright enough to keep the fog away.  Until next time, MO


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