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Friday, October 18, 2013

Foggy Days

Hello Folks
Quite a difference in scenery today on my morning walk.  Fog stayed all day and it totally wiped out the idea of life anywhere else.  There is no life beyond our shores! :) 
The sea was absolutely calm and everything was 'quiet'.
Small trace of someone's beach fire.
Pebbly beach and one lone bird...
Logs sleeping...
Bit of green for color, but otherwise everything is monochromatic. 
A small look-out has been built for wheelchair access, which is a good thing.
It was a relaxing walk...a calm peacefulness...a hushed world... and a meditative atmosphere.
I think that people must dump yard refuse on the beach area...this plant is domestic, perhaps artemisia or a dusty miller variety.
A tiny little mitt...perhaps the Mom will notice it the next time she walks by. 
A heron...a still figure in the foggy shore...
When I first saw him paddling out of the fog towards the shore I wasn't sure what type of bird it was.  It turned out to be one huge seagull...fat like a turkey!
Few ducks on the water...the ocean is so calm that the only ripple is caused by the wildlife.
So it was a 'hushed' morning walk that I took this morning. What a difference from a few days ago.  Not too many people on the Seawalk either today.  Met a young boy about 11 yrs of age, biking on the pathway and he stopped to chat about the weather.  Made me laugh...I guess that is what us adults talk about when we meet up...the weather.  Hoping the fogs lift so we can see the sunshine that I know is there by the overhead glow in the sky.  Until next time, MO

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