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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Walkies 1

Took meself on a walk this morning.  A beautiful sunny fall day, but forcast is for rain tomorrow so best enjoy the star shine while I can.  So come with me on a wee walk on a trail near by.  It was really chilly in the woods, good thing I wore the right jacket and headband (ear warmers).

Interesting little clump of 'shrooms.

 While everything is turning into fall earth tones, the ferns are all getting greener.

I did bring a whistle with me in case of bear or cougar...it will either scare them off or make them mad. :)  Talking with a friend yesterday who was kayaking on the river and she came around a bend to find a really large bear eating freshly caught salmon.  There were two cubs on shore, and so she was a bit nervous. But the bear just looked at her and went back to eating the salmon.


Oops, can see civilization through the trees so I think I'll veer off to the right.

These leaves are huge, the size of a dinner plate.

Hey, the sun is shinning up there so maybe I should get out of the woods and take in some warm rays.
Let's go over to the sunny side of the things...Until next time, MO

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