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Friday, July 19, 2013

Day Off Outing

We had a great day on Thursday this week!  Beautiful warm summer's day, lots of blue skies, the mountains just a hazy blue in the distance. R and I took the day off and escaped from work, and it was a much needed respite.  We started our day with breakfast in town and I treated myself to French toast with strawberries and cream, with a really good cup of coffee.  Well satisfied, we headed out to the beach to just relax and do absolutely nothing.  I managed to take a few photos to share:

From the parking lot we follow a short little walk through the forest.

 The forest smells of the summer warmth on the trees. And the shadiness brings a nice cool relief.

Nice underbrush of ferns and other greenery.

Just ahead at the end, the path opens up to the beach.
And Ta-dah, there it is...

The tide was about half-way in, so it gave lots of shallow water to enjoy.

Families everywhere!

 Umbrellas, canopies and tents dotting the beach.

I love the colors on the umbrella...mmmm could be an inspiration for a crochet project. :)

So we enjoyed the sunshine and relaxed until the tide came up to cover the sandy parts.

This fellow might have been sleeping because he seemed a bit startled all of a sudden...I'd say maybe he didn't notice the tide coming in.
 Deer were everywhere today, a group of five, 3 of which had antlers headed off behind a condo just as we were leaving town, saw a few more on the drive to the beach.  A young deer making his way to the beach.  They blend in very well.

 Just a wee one... 
This one was in the parking lot as we left. We were driving very, very slowly, but it's like he had to race us to be able to cross in front of us....silly thing.  He wasn't quite sure if he should raise his tail to flag a warning or not...it went up, then down, then up, then down...too funny.

So we continued our meanderings...

Almost got as far as the next town, but turned right instead...it was "country time" today and we didn't feel like being in towny traffic.

Awe...that's better..........

 Still had some time after doing a few errands, so decided to stop for something to drink and a bite to eat.  We went to a little local pub and sat in the outdoor shaded area.

Nice little secluded place and we choose a table beside the little pond.  The pond has a turtle and some koi fish...couldn't find the turtle tho'.
Playing hide and seek with the fish. :)

Time to head home and back to work.  We really must try to take more time off as it does wonders for body and soul.  Ended the day with a rented movie called "Have a Little Faith", which I enjoyed very much but which put R in the land of nod.  All in all, a very good day.
Until next time, MO

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