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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A bit of this n' that...

Hi There
This weekend has been busy, lots of tourists in town so it is buzzing wherever you go.  Lots of boats on the water, sports fisherman, sight-seers, whale watching tours, etc. Summer activity everywhere!  I managed to get a little crochet in tho' and crocheted a little girl's purse, which is pretty cute.  Got the idea from Jennifer at Fibre Flux.

It is just a common granny square, but they are my favorite crochet square.  Light pink and fuchsia pink are so pretty and very girlie.
  Crocheted the strap to go all the way around the two granny squares.

So cute...not sure if I will add an embellishment of a heart or a tiny flower.

 Had a wee visitor along with his/her mom in our backyard this morning...

Cute or what...he's not quite sure what we are, but is curious.  How innocent is that look!
Such a sweet tiny little thing...can't be more than a week+ old.  He'll have to grow into those ears! :)
I never tire of seeing them, altho' I was pretty ticked when I found one of my beautifully planted front door urns munched right down to the dirt!!!  So the other urn I bring indoors every night now.  I knew I should have planted geraniums with herbs...deer don't eat those.
I hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoy your week ahead.  Until next time, MO

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  1. Oh my gosh...your turned out so cute...love it!

    Jennifer @ Fiber Flux