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Monday, June 24, 2013


It's been a strange week...summer solstice has come and gone and we should be having sunny summer weather.  But it is dull, overcast, pouring rain and uninspiring.  So feel in a bit of a funk lately.

I was looking at my stash of yarns and picked up colors that appealed to me at that moment.  When I looked into my basket all the colors I'd picked reminded me of babies' colors.

...so I started crocheting little flowers, very simple ones.  When I had a few done it brought up the thought of crocheting a garland...a baby's room garland, for the wall or to hang along a crib.  Fun, easy, quick.  I'll just have to find a baby to give it to when I'm all done! :)

So crocheted up a few leaves that I might add as well.  And then I thot about the soft mauve I have and dug that out.  So added that to the basket and crocheted up a couple of little blooms in mauve.

Such a sweet lil' blossom!

So a bit of crochet brought be out of my dull drums today.  I'll post my completed Baby's Room Garland when I have it all together.

Until next time, MO

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