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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Afternoon Outing

R and I went for a drive over to the next town for the afternoon.  While he was in the bank I noticed this painting on the wall of the building...a trompe l'oeil (fool the eye).  I like the way the 'paper' curls up.

Fresh signs on all the little shops as well.  The town is looking quite dressed up for the summer.

Went down to the harbor to look at the boats.  It was pouring rain off and on all day today, but we were still able to walk about.

Love this boat.  The Curlew...named after a long-billed shore bird.

The waterways were so calm today.

This picture reminds me of a jig-saw puzzle picture.

The little fish n' chip place was not open today.  Will check this out some other time this summer.

We stopped at a roadside diner that we've never tried before.  We've always passed it and meant to stop but never did.  I had a latte and then we saw the homemade fries at a another table and so we ordered a basket and they were fresh cut and really yummy.  And it was a large portion...can't imagine one person eating it all by themselves!

Nice view from our table.

Interesting little 'courtyard' just outside the diner...a garden area, a grocery mart, and a gift shop.


A massive wall of ivy on one side...

Nice mixture of color with the purple and the greens, and the rock/brick work.

And look what I found outside the gift shop....crochet hooky stuff!  A little cart full of slippers, hats, dish cloths, and little stuffed creatures.

So we had a pretty good day even with all the rain.  The weather man says we will have hot and sunny days next week...so summer will begin in earnest????  Oh well, the weather will do what it wants to do regardless.
Stopped at the wood carving competition on the way home, so I will share that with you later.  Until next time, MO

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