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Monday, October 7, 2013

1000 Apologies

Hello Everyone
Sorry to have gone missing for so long, my fellow bloggers!  Work and family matters have kept me pretty much busy with no energy to blog.  Many times I've sat down to return to blogworld, but I just couldn't get out of my funk and get re-energized.  So with that said, hello and glad to be back!
I spent some time in Saskatchewan (one of the prairie provinces in Canada) while visiting my Mom in hospital.  So my days consisted of driving 20 minutes to the hospital in the next town, spending 10 hours a day there, travelling back to Mom's house and crashing.  (Me Mom is going to be okay by the way.)  I grew up as a child in the province of Manitoba, & lived my early married life in the province of Alberta, before we moved here to my beloved coast on Vancouver Island, BC.  Being back in the prairie landscape has brought back many good memories.
Mid to southern Saskatchewan is flat, flat and flat, with some gentle rolling hills.  Farming is the mainstay of the prairies...grain and cattle mostly.  There is lots more going on, but I came from a farm girl background.  Anyways, here are a few pictures:
Grain fields...


Mustard or canola fields (not sure which)...
Big Sky Country
Windmills or wind turbines...these are huge actually.




Grain elevators...they used to be much more picturesque but this are 'modern' ones...

Elk farms...

Buffalo farms...
 Wild Elk (I think)...

Gopher (or prairie dog)

Young deer...much larger than we have out here on Vancouver Island

Most of the critters I saw were road kill tho'...so many big semi trucks on the highways day and night so it's not unusual to see lots of road kill when I was driving back from the hospital in the evenings.  Porcupines, fox, coyote, skunk, gophers and the occasional deer.  If you've ever smelled a skunk, you will know that you don't what that stuck to your tires!!!  :)
  But the babies are cute...from a distance. 
Neighborhood squirrel...
More wide open spaces....
Tiger lilies...one of my favorites from childhood.


Saskatoon Berries...resemble blueberries, but don't taste the same at all.
Warm Saskatoon pie with creamy vanilla ice cream and a good cup of coffee...Oh yum!   My sister-in-law and niece took me to a neat place in Regina called Henry's Café...the pie was scrumptious! Henry's Café also has an art gallery and gift shop.  Henry Ripplinger is an artist and author...check him out. Of course all 3 of us girls were without a camera or cell, so couldn't take pictures of our lovely upscale desserts. 
The city of Regina is the capitol of Saskatchewan.
 Regina is 'home' of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).
And No, the Queen was not there at this time...old photo :)
Found this map online...I was in the Moosomin area (south east corner), so not to far from my birthplace in Manitoba.
Saskatchewan is so different from where I live now. In Sask you can see far...seems like hundreds of miles in front of you, whereas here on Vancouver Island all is mountains and forests and ocean and most times you can't see around the next curve.  It's quite amazing to be able to see far!  Sask has snowy and cold winters of -40 degrees!  I don't think I'd be able to stick my nose out the door anymore in temperatures like that!
So did I crochet at all during all this time away?  You bet I did.  I will share my crochet in the near future.  Fall is starting and it's my favorite time of year...besides the fantastic color, I enjoy the warm sun mixed with cool air.
Until next time, MO

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