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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Busy Week

Hello Everyone
It's been another busy week in the land of motel management...guests coming and going.  Our guests from Boise, Idaho left for home after spending about 6 weeks here this summer. They have been coming to this motel for about 17 yrs. now.   They bring their boat and they fish almost every single day they are here and fill up half of the freezer to take home with them.  Such nice people and we miss them when they're gone...really good neighbors they are.
Hubby had a birthday this last week so I took him out for a special dinner. Went locally to Painter's Lodge and enjoyed some fine dining atmosphere.  Really beautiful view from the dining room.  R had steak and crab and I had their halibut entry with risotto.  Topped off the meal with a slice of almond chocolate torte...we shared one slice which was lots!  While we were dining the moon came up over the mountains in the east.  When we got home we watched the moon for some time again...it was beautiful in a clear sky and we didn't realize it till next day that it was apparently a Blue Moon. 
 There it is just peaking up over the hills. 
A walk on the wharf after dining tops of the evening.
 Wonder of Wonders...I found my yarn spinner!!!  It's been missing for a year and I just accidentally found it in a box in amongst a bi-zillion boxes in my messy storage room.  I'm so happy...it really compacts the yarn for easy use. 
It's a great space saver having the yarn wound up, too.
Here is my huge granny square blanket that I am working on.  It's been cool enough in the evenings now to have it on my lap to crochet.
 No particular color pattern...just white in-between the rows of color.  When you work the granny stitch on a large piece such as this, you get a good rhythm happening and the crochet hook is working at warp speed. :)
 My next crochet project is going to be Russian Nesting Dolls or Matryoshka.  I've done one, but it looks rather demented, so will try that again. There are 3-4 dolls per set.  Check out Amy's pattern. I'll let you know how I'm doing on the pattern.   Until next time, MO

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  1. The blue moon was particularly amazing! We are in the Southern Hemisphere (Johannesburg SA) and it is so funny to think we are thousands of kilometers away - yet we are looking up at and admiring the same moon! I love your granny blanket - grannies are my absolute favourite both to crochet and to snuggle under!