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Monday, July 29, 2013

Local Art

Hi Everyone
Hope you all had a good week.  Here the weather is summery and we can boast 29 days without rain!  That is not the norm, my friends. :)  Very busy weekend and our little motel filled right up and for the first time this month we had to put up the NO beside VACANCY.  We are both very tired this Sunday evening and are just sitting here like lumps.

Did take a couple of hours on Saturday to visit a local Art Show here in town.  Very festive, more than a hundred booths I would say.  It was eye candy and color overload.  The color made me think of Lucy at the Attic. Besides paintings in all sorts of media, there was woodcarving, jewellery makers, photography, and a myriad of other art forms and craft.  Almost too much to take in so I concentrated on paintings and still didn't manage to see all of the artists' work.  Had to get back to the motel as things were getting a bit hectic for R.  But here are a few pictures of the artwork just to give you a taste.  Unfortunately, crochet was not represented....bummer!



The one is reminiscent of Emily Carr, methinks. 

These are done on ceramic tiles and rocks.  I've done some rock painting myself.

Reminds me of folk art painting...I've painted chairs, shelves, wood, and various other projects.  I taught folk and tole painting a number of years ago.

There were a few spots to grab something to drink and just sit and listen to music.
This artist had a thing with mandala's...this was mixed media...under some of the paint were..........split peas! 

She used real feathers on the body of this one.  This painting put a smile on everyone that viewed it I noticed.

 A few shy people sat down and played a bit.


 This guy was playing tunes on his homemade instruments...really good!!!
His instruments are made from recycled materials...the red one below is a cookie tin. They sound somewhere between a guitar and banjo.

This artist had made pendants of all her paintings so I bought a necklace of this tree painting...very clever idea.  The pictures are covered in a clear resin and mounted to be put on a chain or a black cord.  So that was my wee purchase of art.  I saw soooooooooo many artworks that I would love to have...I'd love to be a 'collector of art'. :) 
 Same flower different artist. 
Again, same flower different artist...the artists must be long to the same art group.
Above water, below water.....
I LOVE poppies!!!
This violin painting is one of my favs.
 This artist had done a lot of different cats and with different personalities.  I'm a cat person so I really appreciated her work.
I really like birch trees.  I grew up on a farm in Manitoba where we had a forest of birch.
Well done watercolor.  I suck at watercolor.
This one looked almost like a photograph and is probably my favorite.
I hope you enjoyed this small portion of the Art Show.  Until next time, MO

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