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Hello Everyone and thank you for visiting! My name is MO and I live on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. This blog is to share with others my love of nature and homemade life like crochet, gardening, decorating, flowers, art, crafts, photos and perhaps the occasional recipe as well. Please drop by frequently and feel free to share. If you would like to send me an email, my address is murmursdfa@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today`s Walkabout Feb 12, 2014

Hello Everyone
Took myself walkabout this morning.  We had a huge wind and rain storm blow through here last night, but this morning was bright and sun-shiny.  Best get out there while it's still nice out as expecting another weather front to come barging in by this evening.

You may recognize this site...it is home to the wood carvings in July 2013.  All carvings were donated, auctioned and/or sold.  You can see them here and there in town as you drive about, as well as carvings from previous years.  Today tho', it was a quiet, refreshing and relaxing area to take pause.


Always lots of folks walking the Seawalk each and every day.  I never tire of the view.

Got back home and it was time for lunch...a pot of home made soup and some fresh sourdough buns.
It was yum, yum, yummy!   Until next time, MO


  1. Found your site from Attic 24. Pleased to meet you. Love your photo's! Wishing you well in all that snow! I used to live in the far north of Scotland and we often had winters that looked like that but since moving to central Scotland things have been a bit less wild. Keep cosy!

    1. Well hello Penny...nice to meet you! I would so much like to go to Scotland some day. I have a friend that has moved here from Aberdeen, and she has shared Scotland with me and I'm absolutely enchanted! And she is totally enchanted with being here on Vancouver Island. Her grandfather was a crochet-er and she has a lovely bedspread crocheted from fine thread that is a wondrous work of hooky stitches. I am working on a blanket these days using Lucy colors. :)