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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Berries, cherries and crochet

Hello Everyone!
We're in the thick of summer and we're still breaking the records for not having rain in 30+ days!  I would greatly appreciate a good downpour to wash down the summer dust.  Motel business is absolutely and insanely busy and not a break in site.  Logger's Weekend festival, along with seafood cookery competitions coming up this weekend, so we will have guests every which way.
Picked up my winter stock of blueberries from a local grower.  They are soooo yummy...nothing like fresh blueberries. Besides eating them by the handful the first day we got them, I made a blueberry crisp (recipe here).  It turned out really nice.

These blueberries are very good for you, antioxidants and all that.


Here is my blueberry crisp.
That gooey goodness in the corner...yummy stuff.

With a dollop of vanilla ice cream.... The taste of summertime.  Great thing is, I will make this in the dead of winter too....O joy! :)

Picked up some BC Cherries, too...we just gobbled these up lickity-split.  These dark cherries are so sweet and juicy.  One could taste the sunshine almost!

Well, couldn't get by the week without some 'happy hookiness' as Lucy might say. Very simple slipper pattern which you can crochet up in an evening.

These blues ones are double strand with a I/9  5.5 mm hook, using just an ordinary worsted 4 ply.
You can find the pattern here by Emy on Youtube.  Simple yet very satisfying to crochet.  I added a pompom for fun.

So made a second pair.  This time using a very soft chunky yarn with the same I/9 5.5 mm hook. Instead of a pompom you could use a button, a crocheted flower, or anything you'd like to personalize your slippers.
These are so soft and comfy, altho' a little warm for this time of year.

I haven't been on an outing or walk-about recently and really must do that soon.  We've been so busy here this last week that we both just flop down in the evenings.  Even so, in the motel business you have people checking-in in the evenings and sometimes in the middle of the night.  Travellers coming to the Island sometimes misjudge the time the ferry trip takes from the mainland or the length of the drive up island, so we've had the doorbell ring at 2:30 a.m. and as early as 5:00 a.m. "Your turn", I groggily say...stumble, stumble, groan and moan, R gets up and gets it done.  He always handles these ones.                                   Until next time my lovelies, MO

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