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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Walkabout the Estuary

Yesterday was sunless, but nevertheless I really enjoyed my bit of walk and commune with the outdoors. Snooped around this little estuary and it is quite amazing what grows along the seaside here in this little tucked away place.  Here are a few pictures of my walk yesterday morning.

 The strong scent of these rose bushes mixed with the smell of the sea was phenomenal!  I inhaled deeply...could not get enough of it. :)
 There was a variety of flowers and greenery amongst the rocks and the driftwood logs.

 These are little sweet pea looking plants with lots of green foliage. 
All manner of greenery living intermingled lives. 
And tiny little daisies coming up out of the rocks.
 By the looks of it, someone must of had a small campfire here in this sheltered little spot.
And someone left behind a bit of 'house construction'....
 The sky was continually changing...clouds constantly on the move.
 If the clouds were not there, you would see the Rocky Mountains on the mainland.

Still waiting for the summer sunshine to come along...soon say the meteorologists.  :)
When I got back to my car in the parking lot, I noticed a couple of seagulls just sitting on the pavement.  Altho' it was an overcast day, I imagine maybe the pavement was warmth for them.  They didn't seem to be too concerned about the comings and goings of vehicles around them...quite content.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed my photo walk, until next time, MO