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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crochet Bits & Bites

There are other things to crochet with your left over yarns besides granny squares.  Check out some of these fun, easy & quick crochet yarn goodies.
OWLS:  Some are scented with lavender...nice to add fragrance anywhere... closets, drawers, etc.  "Give a Hoot" :)

Folk Art Birds:  You're laughing at my birdies aren't you!  :) 

This is called a French Bower Bird and I adapted my bird from a few different versions that I found online.  I use a little heart crochet pattern for the wings now rather than a leaf pattern and that works out well.  And again, some of these I have scented to hang  in closets, wardrobes and such.
And I have this naked wool sheep.  I've had this little guy for many years, can't remember why I bought him, I just liked him.  He  has a little thingme inside that when you tilt him upside down and back upright, he says  'baaaaaaaaaaaaa'. 
Anyways, last night I made a leaf and little flower garland for him (why is he a 'him' and not a 'her' I don't rightly know), and he looks so much happier.
Came home from out brief outing (my DH and I went out for brekky) and there was a visitor in my patio garden
Kind of a flea bitten little guy...don't know where his mum or sibling were.  He is shedding his furry coat, so he will look better in another week or so I would imagine.  I'll try to get some better pictures of the wee family that keeps eating and nibbling on my shrubs. 
Filled my crochet basket with these colors today...not sure yet what these yarns will become...........?

Until next time, MO